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Q. Am I allowed to bring in outside food or beverage?

A. NO outside or carry-in food, beverages, or coolers are allowed.  Alcohol sales, Soft Drinks and other Concession items are available.


Q. Where can I purchase concert tickets?

A. For concert events featuring "National Level" acts, tickets are generally available through www.etix.com or at the Stranahan Theater box office (419) 381-8851.  If available, tickets may also be purchsed at Centennial Terrace on the day of the show.

For events featuring regional or local acts, all tickets are purchased at the gate on the night of the event.  Ticket sales generally begin 1 hour prior to the event.


Q. What is the difference between Reserved Seat tickets and General Admission tickets?

A. For concert events featuring "National Level" acts, Reserved Seating features bench style seating set up in rows across the front of the stage in 3 sections / 48 seats per row. General Admission tickets are standing room only.  GA ticket holders may bring in their own personal lawn chair for seating.   For events featuring regional or local acts, first come - first serve "Cabaret" style seating is available.


Q. Does etix have a service charge?

A. There are usually service charge fees applied when purchasing tickets through etix or etix outlets.


Q. Is there a cost for parking?

A. Centennial Terrace has adequate parking for most events held at the facility.  For concert events featuring "National Level" acts, a $5.00 Parking Fee is usually charged.  If overflow parking is necessary, there are numerous businesses within walking distance that offer parking (parking fees may vary, typically $5.00 for concert events).


Q. Can I bring in an umbrella?

A. No.  Umbrellas are not permitted in the facility.   Ponchos are for sale on location!

Q. Can I bring in a camera, a video camera or recording equipment?

A. Generally, for concert events featuring national level artists, video or recording equipment is prohibited.  Cameras (without flash) are usually acceptable.  This policy may be altered based on the requests of the individual artist.


Q.  It's raining now, is the show cancelled?
For concert events featuring "National Level" acts, it is not likely, most shows are rain or shine.   Severe weather or lightning may alter this policy.  The stage has a large roof protecting performers from adverse weather.  You are encouraged to bring rain gear. Umbrellas are not permitted.

For events featuring local acts, shows may be postponed or cancelled due to inclement weather.  if there is a question as to whether a performance  may be postponed due to weather conditions, announcements will be made on this web site, or by calling (419) 882-1500 Ext. 506.


Q. Once I have entered the facility, may I lave and go out to my car?

A. For larger concert events, re-entry is generally not allowed for security purposes.


Q. Is there a discount for senior citizens or children?

A. There is not a discount for children or senior citizens


Q. What time do gates open?

A. Gates generally open 1 hour prior to event


Q. Can I bring in my own chair?

A. General Admission ticket holders may bring in their own chair for concert events.  For most non concert events, adequate "cabaret' style seating will be available.  Please review the General Admission Chair Policy (in red) below.

The use of traditional ‘fold out’ / ‘pop up’ / ‘bag type’ chairs is permitted.  We strongly recommend a standard size, single ‘bag’ pop-up chair.  Chairs with foot-rest, canopies, side tables, and other extras are not permitted.

Centennial Terrace Management reserves the right to decline entrance to patrons with chairs that are too big, may obstruct other patron’s view or may be viewed as dangerous to others.

All chairs that are stored in a bag are subject to search.

Please be considerate of other patrons attending the event.

If approached by Centennial Terrace Staff to re-position your seating please cooperate with the request.

Centennial management reserves the right to deny admission for any reason.


Q.  Are pets allowed?
A. Pets or other animals are not allowed.  Certified service animals are permitted and admitted into Centennial Terrace.  Each service animal must remain with its owner and be restrained.

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For Event Information; please contact our office.

  • Tel: (419) 882-1500
  • Fax: (419) 885-7146
  • Email: bcramer@playsylvania.com